•    •  Sit Down Style

Sit Down Style

Bring up a wedding, and, for most people, one of the first images that pop into our heads is that of a grand dinner table, set beautifully with candles and flowers and, of course, seating arrangements. Traditionally, this has always been the way of the wedding world, probably because it is the most formal option and easier for planning (though many brides will tell you that creating seating arrangements is one of the most stressful parts of a wedding, but you always can make it with or without seating chart.


There is a lot of things we can work on sit down table! European style? Go for set menu

Do you like free style? Lets do on buffet

Or do you like everyone sit down but don’t like buffet ? Family style is your answer!

But, remember: it’s your special day, so do what makes you happy—especially when it comes to the food!