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Reharseal Dinner

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What actually is the rehearsal dinner?

It’s a dinner traditionally held the night before the wedding, often on a Friday, and usually starts around dinnertime (to leave time for attendants to get there from work). For a Sunday or holiday wedding, you have more options.

What is it for?

The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for your two families to spend time together before the wedding day in a slightly less hectic setting. Take advantage of the relaxed environment, full of happy anticipation—come wedding night, you’ll most likely be pulled in too many directions to put in quality time with anyone.

Who hosts it?

Traditionally, the groom’s family organizes and pays for the party, but you two can definitely take matters into your own hands—or both sets of parents may choose to share responsibility.

Who do I have to invite?

At the very least, the rehearsal dinner guest list includes your immediate families, wedding party members and their spouses or significant others, and the parents of any child attendants (inviting the children themselves is up to you).